In 1959 scientists started investigating the reasons for the longevity (120-130 years) of the inhabitants Okinawa near Chosaki Mountain , in Japan . These inhabitants were lacking health problems and seemed to have prolonged lives. Analysis proved lifestyle had no effect on the above mentioned phenomenon. But testing of the water in this area proved lucrative. The reason; unique physical characteristics were found. These results lead a group of Chrio researchers in 1964 to begin utilizing this phenomenon in various applications and fields. Established in 1985, based on the scientific results and product conception, Chrio Global is acting as a global marketing arm for its mother company, Chrio Group which is a joint venture between Japan and Korea . Chrio Global is currently an established manufacturer and distributor in Japan , Korea , Malaysia , Egypt and the United Arab Emirates .

All of our products concern human health; air to inhale, water to drink, sterilizers, and energy enhancers and stabilizers. Our main lines include:
* Pi-Energy Water Filters                                * Skin Care Products
* Natural Antibacterial Household Products       * Air Purifiers
* Personal Health Care Products

We devote ourselves to continuously perform our mission which leads us to become an efficient supplier. With our superior R&D team in Japan and Korea , which consists of 5 professors and more than 20 R&D personnel supported by experienced manufacturing background, we are able to provide excellent quality products and services

Mission Statement

We resolve to drive towards reaching the highest levels of excellence in the integrated alternative health, hygiene and beauty sectors through our dedicated scientific research and our constantly advancing technologies. We aim to achieve these goals and to provide each of our products first, worldwide. We remain committed to using only the best natural resources to insure that our products reach the customer in a pure, health-promoting state.

Concept & Philosophy

At Chrio, health care is our number 1 priority. We aim to hunt down and destroy any harmful entities from the base of their existence, resulting in minimal side-effects and no harmful chain reactions. We refuse to treat symptoms as modern conventional chemical medicines do, which results in additional symptoms; but rather attack the cause of the indications naturally eliminating further symptoms. From nature we came, in nature we search for our cures.
We follow a concept of what food's our foods are eating, or the environment of which our food was produced, will directly affect our personal health in the end. We believe that care taken to insure the highest quality of all of our products and services from the very start will insure only the highest quality products and services will reach our customers in the end.

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