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Chrio Base Materials: ( Agaricus Blazei Murill )

Cancer - An Overview

Much of the research on mushrooms involves their protective effects against cancer , it is important to review this disease. Cancer is among the top two causes of death today and the most common types of cancer are largely preventable. Chemical and environmental factors could possibly be responsible for 90% of all cancers. Our exposure to these things is in our own hands. Additional cancer risk factors, which are more difficult to control, include genetics and age. The remaining factor is stress, which weakens the immune system.

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in our bodies. It originates from normal cell mutation through its genetic chromosome material, RNA and DNA. Cancerous cells multiply faster than normal cells and lose normal cell differentiation.

The actual mechanisms that cause cancer are still under speculation. It is believe that it involves the weakening and breakdown of the immune system. At any given time there are literally thousands of precancerous mutated cells throughout the body. A healthy immune system is able to effectively locate and eliminate these cells, when the immune system is unable to do this, the mutated cells become cancerous.
Cancer prevention is the best way to fight cancer. We should not smoke or drink and should avoid foods containing nitrates, pesticides and other chemicals. We should avoid stress and even exposure to the sun. The reason for all of these warnings is that these things weaken our immune system. Correcting a toxic environment may lead to a successful, non-toxic treatment for cancer.

Mushroom for Immune Enhancement

Immune enhancement properties are the areas where most studies on mushrooms have been focused. Mushroom properties are able to mobilize the immune system, as well as increase bone marrow production. They also allow the body to better control proliferation and differentiation of cells. Oriental mushrooms have been used as a tonic to increase energy , ward off hunger, extend longevity, and promote overall vitality. Historically, mushrooms have been recommended to reduce the frequency of colds and flu, to kill intestinal worms, alleviate headaches, and improve a depressed libido, vision problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, stomach ache, diabetes, liver ailments, nerve pain, gout and a number of other conditions.
Today, research indicates that mushroom extracts can boost the immune system and combat viruses and bacteria, protect the body from cancer, and may possibly even shrink existing tumors.   Additional research suggests that mushrooms may help:
*Lower blood cholesterol levels
*Balance blood pressure
*Inhibit platelet aggregation, thus reducing the likelihood of heart disease
*Assist in the treatment of AIDS, herpes and other viral conditions
*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                        *Influenza
*Tuberculosis                                            *Environmental allergies
*Bronchial inflammation                             *Hodgkin's disease
*Stomach ulcers

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