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Scientific Background
Chrio Base Materials: (Chrio Secret Stones )

Chrio Secret Stones are natural stones found in raw ore, created by intense heat and water due to lithosphere fluctuation. They accumulate particular types of energy and reemit the same in larger amounts, while discharging a high capacity of negative ion (anion) (ten times the amount of tourmaline) and far infrared rays (FIR) (96%). Chrio Secret Stones have fantastic surface active power (increased 101%). They're 100% natural materials that don't contain radioactive elements.

Ceramic Balls

From Chrio Secret Stones and other natural materials, Chrio has manufactured a number of natural inorganic ceramic balls, shown below:

Ceramic Ball


Super Ceramic Ball

Contains inorganic materials that improves water flavor and deodorizes. This is the lowest priced ball, made from excellently porous ceramics.

Chrio Ceramic Ball

Emits anion, reduces water cluster, strong surface active power, increases immunity, improves metabolism, creates weak alkali water (pH 7.5 - 8), and deodorizes

Tourmaline Ball

Made from Pure Brazilian Tourmaline, reduces water clusters, emits FIR and anion, increases immunity, and improves metabolism.

Max FIR Ball

Emits FIR & anion, increases immunity, creates smaller water clusters, improves metabolism, creates magnetized hexagonal water.

Max Ion Ball

Emits anion & FIR, creates Bionic Water with smaller clusters, increases metabolism and immunity.

FIR Macaroni Ball

Emits anion & FIR, increases immunity and metabolism, minimizes water clusters, and creates magnetized hexagonal water.

Remove Chlorine Ball

Used in water purifiers to remove chlorine and powerfully deodorize.

Alkali Ball

Creates Alkali-Ion water (pH 8 - 8.5), emits massive FIR, increases immunity & metabolism.

Oxygen Ball

Emits massive FIR, increases immunity & metabolism.

Ion - Pi Ceramic Ball

Emits anion & FIR, minimizes water clusters, and improves metabolism.

Antibacterial Ball

3-fold antibacterial treatment that removes chlorine, deodorizes, sterilizes, and improves immunity & metabolism.

Washing Ball

Reduces detergent usage, antibacterial, fiber protecting, removes dust & dirt, restrains bacteria generation in laundry, deodorizes and eliminates static electricity.

Energy Phi Ball

Reduces the process of active oxygen, regulates minerals, activates water, minimizes clusters and improves metabolism.

Color Ball

First developed worldwide, no pigments, emits FIR & anion, minimizes water clusters and has a low cost.

Ion Phi Ball

Emits massive FIR, anion, minimizes water cluster, improves metabolism.