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Scientific Background

Chrio Base Materials:( Chrio Wave Converters )

Chrio Wave Converters

With Japan being the world's leader in advancing nano technologies, Chrio Wave Converter is a truly unique material created for the sake of your health. Chrio Wave Converters provide Ultra Low Frequency (ULF), a type of cosmic energy that is essential for human health as it directly affects the autonomic nervous system. Modern lifestyle has crippled the proficiency of the autonomic nervous system resulting in an unstable, disrupted system.Chrio Wave Converter is a coating/mixing material that can be applied to a number of everyday products to increase exposure to ULF, and enhance health. Chrio has introduced this technology to a number of items available exclusively through Chrio, including bracelets, necklaces, fabrics and patches.

The Autonomic Nervous System
No person can control their own heart beat or perspiration. All bodily functions you can not personally control are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling involuntary functions such as sleeping, digestion, respiration, perspiration, metabolism and modulating blood pressure. The autonomic nervous system may function involuntarily, but state of mind, emotion and physical well-being play a major role in the autonomic nervous systems proficiency. Due to its extensive responsibility, the autonomic nervous system must be sufficiently nourished with required energies. Modern lifestyle retards the functions of the autonomic nervous system, decreasing its efficiency. Sleeping disorders and insomnia, irregular heart rate, blood pressure complications, respiration problems, decreased metabolic and catabolic activity and irregular perspiration occur in response. When such functions are compromised a number of other complications occur, for example; sleeping disorders conceive a number of other serious medical problems such as depletion of the natural detoxification process which results in common illnesses due to the excessive toxins in the body. Lack of concentration and emotional instability are also effects of sleeping disorders and insomnia.Chrio Wave Converters supply an abundance of the natural energies which stabilize the autonomic nervous system, resulting in all-over improved lifestyle.
Autonomic Nervous System

1 Controls involuntary functions such as sleeping, digestion, respiration, perspiration,   metabolism, catabolism, blood pressure & heart rate
2 Is adversely affected by modern lifestyle; stress, state of mind, physical health, etc
3 Is detrimental to general health when not in optimum condition
4 Induces fantastic general health and well-being when fully functional
5 Is improved by Ultra Low Frequency
6 Is enhanced by Chrio Wave Converters

Effects of Chrio Wave Converters

1 Balance, stabilize and maintain the autonomic nervous system
2 Regulation of heart rate & blood pressure        3 Relief of sleeping disorders & insomnia
4 Improved respiration                                     5 Regulated perspiration
6 Regulation of metabolic & catabolic activity      7 Influences organs towards restoration&energy conservation
8 Supplies energy to cope with physical stress such as strenuous activity
9 Balances energy usage and consumption