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Scientific Background

Chrio Base Materials:( Colloidal Silver )

Historical Background

Up until 1938, Colloidal Silver was extensively used. Some of the body's most important fluids are suspended ultra-fine particles (colloidal) in nature. For this reason, Colloidal Silver was used by doctors as a mainstream antibiotic. Production costs were extensive. When the pharmaceutical companies moved in, colloidal research was set aside in favor of fast working and financially lucrative medications.

How it Works

An antibiotic kills approximately half a dozen different disease organisms, where as Colloidal Silver kills approximately six-hundred fifty. Resistance strains fail to develop in Colloidal Silver patients, and it is virtually non-toxic. It is impossible to overdose on our Colloidal Silver and our Colloidal Silver never expires.There are few known side effects that may occur in very rare cases. Silver compounds have been reported to cause a permanent skin condition called Argyria, where the skin changes in color to a grey-blue. This is not a health threatening condition, but purely a cosmetic one. To develop Argyria, one must have extended exposure to silver products in mass amounts. Since Chrio Colloidal Silver contains no compounds (purely distilled water and pure silver) there are slim to no chances of our Colloidal Silver causing such an effect. The second known side-effect is that of flu-like symptoms. This is caused by the sudden death of mass bad bacteria, resulting in the over-working of the body's removal organs. Flu-like symptoms are also a very rare occurrence and are only temporary.

Using Colloidal Silver

How does it work? When Colloidal Silver is near a virus, fungus, bacteria or any other single celled pathogen it disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme. Within moments, the pathogen suffocates and dies. The immune, lymphatic and elimination systems in the body carry the dead pathogen out. Pharmaceutical antibiotics destroy beneficial enzymes along with the disease causing ones, whereas Colloidal Silver leaves tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are molecularly different from single-celled organisms. Thus Colloidal Silver is safe for human consumption, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.


When taken orally, the silver solution is absorbed from the mouth into the blood stream and quickly transported to the body cells. It is believed that swishing the solution under the tongue for a brief moment before swallowing may result in faster absorption. It can take up to three or four days before Colloidal Silver is sufficiently accumulated in the tissues and benefits begin to show. After several weeks Colloidal Silver will be eliminated by the human body. If routinely exposed to pathogenic germs it is advisable to introduce a daily intake as protection. An accumulation of Colloidal Silver may hasten healing in cases of minor burns, as well as reduce the possibility of scar tissue and infection.