The environment we inhabit directly affects our health; which in turn directly affects our life. The pure, pristine environment of a natural atmosphere has been compromised by modern technology and civilization. Everything from our basic needs such as air, water and food, to elements such as electromagnetic waves, far infrared rays and negative ion has already been distorted and is now disproportional.
The taller the buildings, the faster the cars, the more advanced our communication networks, the greater deterioration of our natural environment through pollution, barriers from far infrared rays and negative ion, and generation of hazardous electromagnetic waves.
As our natural environment deteriorates and natural living conditions are compromised our natural healing abilities and immune systems are over worked and unable to effectively protect us against bacteria, germs and viruses. Thus our natural healing abilities are compromised, in effect compromising our health and life in direct relation to our environment.
In a purely fundamental, natural environment, humans would ideally be provided with everything they need to lead a healthy, long life. Nature provides us with balanced energy, minerals and other elements to sustain life. Far infrared rays are emitted with the sun light.
Negative ion is created among morning dew and after rains. Pure uncontaminated mineral water flows from streams. Photosynthesis creates pure oxygen.
Uncontaminated natural herbs, fruits and vegetables are readily available for human and animal consumption.Game consumes only pure, natural feed, thus providing fresh meats and chicken for human consumption in its purest form. We are not, however, living in a purely fundamental environment.
Chrio’s advanced technology has enabled us to produce a number of products to bring nature back to you!
Our lines of products generate negative ion and far infrared rays, along with natural sterilizers, antibacterial agents, immune enhancing supplements, wave converters and energy regulators. Each of our items has been specifically designed by a team of doctors and scientists with the aim of reverting modern society’s environments back to their natural form for the sake of your life.