The Evens We Participated In:

1) 2005 Centennial World Weightlifting Championships in Doha , Qatar The tournament that is regarded as Middle East's major lifting events scheduled to take place on 07-18 November 2005 in Doha , Qatar .Weightlifting is arguably the most spectacular of all Olympic sports.
Weightlifting epitomises the human desire to seek out challenges, to attempt to do what is seemingly impossible, and to succeed.
At the highest level, weightlifting is very much a contest between an athlete and his or her belief in themselves. It is a pure test of flesh and blood against iron and gravity.While Weightlifters compete partly to determine who is the strongest among them all, most weightlifters use the competitive venue to challenge themselves - to see how far each one of them can go in terms of developing their mental and physical strength.
No one is born strong enough to become a Weightlifting champion, and many champions began their careers with very ordinary strength levels.
The excitement and challenge of Weightlifting stem from seeing the tremendous improvements that one can make in ones' strength and technique (as flexibility, speed and coordination are very crucial factors in of weightlifting success, along with strength).

2) Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo 2005 The Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo 2005 that was held at the Grand Hyatt Convention Center, Dubai, from December from 6 th -8 th 2005, drew to a close, registering a 35 per cent growth compared to the previous year.
This year, the show attracted over 300 exhibitors from 50 countries who achieved their objectives of targeting prospective customers, entering into alliances with partners and tapping the potential of growing Middle East organic market.
The Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo brought together manufacturers, producers and distributors of a variety of natural and organic products, including cosmetics, organic food, aromatherapy, yoga, naturopathy, food and beverage, natural juices, dairy products, music, herbal remedies, energy substitutes, fabrics and clothing, and health and nutritional products.
The event featured exhibitors from Italy , India , France , Germany , Malaysia , Spain , Indonesia , Portugal , Morocco , Pakistan , Sweden , Netherlands , Holland , Canada , Mexico , Egypt , UAE, Kuwait , Zambia , Belgium , Nairobi , Iran and Russia . Product profile of the pavilions at the Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo, included Food & Beverages, Beauty & Cosmetics, Alternative Therapies, Treatment & Remedies, Health & Nutritional Products, and Herbal Products.