In today’s society the term ‘health’ can have a number of meanings; physical health,psychological health, and emotional health. Though each are considered separate entities, the three are tightly connected through chemical and electrical channels in our bodies.
Thus a circular chain reaction; physical illness leads to emotional illness, emotional illness leads to psychological illness, and psychological illness leads right back to physical illness. This chain reaction also works in reverse.
Scientists have studied the relationship between the three for centuries. The Placebo Effect, where sick patients are given sugar tablets and told they are being administered antibiotics and still show fantastic recovery results from physical symptoms, is a perfect example of psychological influence on physical well being.
Our general health must be attended to from the very core of its being. But where exactly is that core? Lifestyle, eating habits, and environment play major roles in the state of our general health.
In modern society, it is generally perceived that living in luxury is living healthy.
On the contrary, luxurious living leaves the earth’s natural resources, beneficial surroundings and pure elements in the past. We no longer need to cook our meals at home from scratch, but instead we have pre-prepared and packaged ready-made meals, take-out orders and fast food restaurants. Instead of taking long walks after meals we slump our exhausted bodies on the couch to watch television. Our working atmosphere consists of little more than spending long hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer.
Healthy, physical energy is drained, as we’re no longer using it. Our foods are no longer nutritional and are filled with substitutes and preservatives; as a result we must gain our nutrients and vitamins in capsule form. We’re surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from televisions, mobiles, microwaves and countless other electrical consumer products. We’re no longer in contact with natural elements like negative ion, far infrared rays or pure oxygen. All of these aspects of our modern, luxurious lifestyles are damaging our health and accelerating our deaths.
As conventional healing techniques advance our health further deteriorates.
Conventional healing is directed at curing symptoms rather than the cause. Medicines that are prescribed to cure one symptom, simply initiate a chain of other symptoms that must, in turn be dealt with.