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•Blood Pressure
•Glycemic Index
Insulin Resistance &   Diabetes
Chrio Base Materials
•Agaricus Blazei Murill
•Chrio Wave Converters
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•Chrio Secret Stones
•Pi Water
Scientific Background
Chrio Base Materials: ( Honey )


Honey is the sweet, viscous fluid produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. It contains no added substances, including sweeteners or water. Naturally, honey is significantly sweeter than sugar and has attractive chemical properties for baking. Liquid honey will not spoil, due to its naturally high sugar content and it kills bacteria.

Honey is a hygroscopic; it draws moisture from the air. Raw honey contains enzymes that help with digestion, as well as several vitamins and antioxidants. Honey is used in traditional medicine as well as in beauty remedies worldwide. It has stunning abilities to heal and prevent numerous illnesses.

Properties of Honey

*Eases Hay Fever and other pollen induced allergies.
*A natural food preserver.
*Natural antioxidant.
*Natural antibacterial substance.
*A natural source of carbohydrates providing 64 calories per tablespoon.
*Produces a lower glucose response ( glycemic index ) than starchy foods such as white bread.
*Antimicrobial properties that discourage growth & persistence of microorganisms.

Benefits of Chrio Honey

*Helps maintain gastrointestinal health.
*Increases immunity, decreases allergic reaction.
*Enhances body performance and speeds recovery.
*Eliminates free radicals & prevents aging syndromes.
*Softens skin and maintains youthful appearance.
*Speeds the healing process when applied to burns & wounds.
*Effectively treats skin ulcers.
*Promotes oral wellness, and reduces gingivitis.