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Scientific Background
Common Diseases & Illnesses: ( Insulin Resistance & Diabetes )

There are three types of sugars found in the body; Sucrose, which we ingest through coffee and teas, etc; Fructose, which we ingest through fruits; and Glucose, which is blood sugar.


Insulin is produced by the body to counter and regulate the effects of blood sugar. When insufficient amounts of insulin are produced compared to the amounts of blood sugar the body suffers what's called Insulin Resistance. An increased amount of glucose will effect circulation, which in turn disrupts oxygen and food transport.


The pancreas is the first organ adversely affected as a result of this poor circulation. The function of the pancreas is to create Insulin. Thus it becomes a vicious circle of destruction. When the pancreas completely fails as a result, this is known as full Diabetes. At this point there is no cure.


Diabetes is a medical disorder characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, especially after eating. All types of Diabetes share similar symptoms and complications at advanced stages. Elevated blood sugar levels on their own can lead to dehydration and ketoacidosis. Long-term complications include cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, retinal damage which leads to blindness, nerve damage which leads to erectile dysfunction, and gangrene which may lead to the amputation of toes, feet or even whole legs. The more serious complications are more common in those which poor glycemic control.


Diabetes 1 is the first recognized form, and denotes a decreased production of insulin. Diabetes 2 is the more common form, and denotes the decreased sensitivity of the body tissues to Insulin (Insulin Resistance). Diabetes 1 requires Insulin injections, while Diabetes 2 is generally managed with oral tablets only; unless tablets are proven ineffective.