From the moment you’re born you begin to die. Life is both precious and uncertain and the only truth we know for sure is that we will all die. Modern lifestyle, with increasing pollution, full of electronics and electromagnetic waves and poor personal habits are accelerating your death. As technology advances, our environment deteriorates. Man has spent half its life-time on earth to reach today’s modern civilization, scientists predict that we will spend the remaining half attempting to reverse or to fight against the side effects of this very civilization. It’s time we stopped killing ourselves!
With the rush of our day to day schedules we’re forced to place the value of life behind us. Physical, psychological and emotional well being are the three elements in a triangle of human existence.
Psychological and emotional well being are two sides to the same coin.

Advancing technology and scientific research is proving with solid results that each aspect of human life must be nourished equally to insure our longevity and wellness. The core of these aspects is a three fold; our physical well being; which reflects our emotions and psychology; in turn reflects our physical health.

An ill person tends to be moody or emotional. A moody or emotional person may not be able to think rationally and in turn becomes over stressed. Stress is one of the leading causes of stomach ulcers and a number of other physical and psychological problems. The conception of it all comes from our general health. In order to take optimum care of our health, thus reducing all of these symptoms, we must first understand the basic elements of our lives and the human body.
The human body is a complex machine compromised of more than 70% water. Even though, water is one of the most neglected resources in our personal lives. Coffee, teas, juices and soft drinks have replaced our drinking water; and even further tap water is highly contaminated with chlorine, chloramine and other toxic chemicals before it reaches our homes.
These aspects of basic physical resources in modern society are relevant to how we’re accelerating our own deaths.

But what are we to begin with? Ancient Japanese, Chinese and Indian doctors based the majority of their cures on energy; these very cures were once shunned by western society. Current research is proving true, what eastern doctors have known for centuries. Acupressure, meditation, and natural remedies through water, foods and herbs are now common practices world-wide. It is widely accepted that the human body is comprised of energy, flowing through channels between each organ and limb. When this energy is blocked
or altered, thus is our general health.
So, how do we live? How do we enjoy our lives? How do we find happiness? All of the possible answers to these questions lead to the most important one, ‘What is the quality of life we desire?