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Scientific Background
Chrio Base Materials: ( Pi Water )


p-water gives various information regarding the superior properties of the earth's natural water. p-water is applicable in the medical field as well as in agriculture, fishery, industry, stockbreeding, etc. Illnesses such as liver cancer and rectal cancer show surprising clinical results when introduced to p-water. These results cast many doubts on modern medical practices.
Understanding p-water should be based on the point of its origin as natural water (including sea water); it does not have any side effects. A new situation where nature can not be ignored is that of medical science. It has begun its focus on the Quality of Life (QOL), such as social activities, accomplishments, satisfaction and comfort. p-water technology is not limited to harmonization of living things but also induces changes at molecular levels.

How p-Water was Discovered

p-water was discovered during biological research on plants. Most plants blossom in the spring. The inherent properties of the bud that blooms into the flower are indifferent from the bud that becomes a leaf. Researchers worldwide thought the reason for blooming flowers in the spring had to do with a flower transformed hormone inside the plant. They even named this phantom hormone 'Florigen'. Research was all geared towards the discovery of this hormone.
Florigen was never discovered, but in Japan , the late professor Y. Itsushima along with Dr. Yamashita of the Agricultural Faculty in Hagoya University , discovered the important role Bionic water plays in the branching process, in 1964.
Compared to well and tap water, Bionic water is completely different in physical and bionic properties. In 1985, Dr. Yamashita named this water p-water. Hence, the definition of p-water is "the water that is closest to bionic water." Pi water is also known as 'p-Water' and 'Bionic Water'.It was later discovered that p-water not only plays an important role in the branching and budding of flowers, but also in healthy growth of all living things.

The Basic Characteristics p-Water

Along with stimulating healthy growth of al living things, p-water can maintain the freshness of fish, improve soil quality, prevent rusting, strengthen concrete, improve fuel quality and efficiency, prevent electrostatic shocks, and purify water.
The p-water system is so complicated that its applications are ahead of fundamental research. The following are some of the basic characteristics of p-water.

*p-water is water with aura or bionic energy
*p-water is water with wave energy
*p-water system is bio-energy system
*p-water is the information transmission and memory system of substances
*p-water system is the system that converts universe energy to aura energy
*p-water system is the basic theory of the universe

Looked at this way, p-water is the 21 st centuries water with multiple hidden potentials that may change our lives in the future.

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